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Research Roadmap for 10 sessions

Our Roadmap serves as a tool to assist students in navigating through a project and planning it effectively.


Session 1

Session Objectives

  • Establish connections and convey expectations

  • Create a schedule for the upcoming meetings

Session 3

Session Objectives

  • Rework the project abstract and conduct thorough research to ensure it is ready for submission by the end of the session 

  • Determine the best approach to present work and establish the research methodology that will be used

Session 5

Session Objectives

  • Continue discussing the topic and research objectives with your mentor. Additionally, track the writing progress

Session 7

Session Objectives

  • The mentor will monitor the progress of the project and the student's writing. Identify their current challenges and encourage them to find solutions

  • Additionally, the mentor will provide feedback on their writing skills, and emphasize the significance of accurate citations.

Session 9

Session Objectives

  • The mentor will give input and assistance in refining the current version of the paper

  • Determine the necessary revisions to finalize the paper for submission

Session 2

Session Objectives

  • Keep exploring and familiarizing yourselves with one another

  • establish the extent of the undertaking 

  • examine the relevant literature

Session 4

Session Objectives

  • Review the readings and research you have conducted, and if necessary, discuss the methodology you employed to collect your data

  • evaluate the one-page project outline submitted with your mentor

Session 6

Session Objectives

  • Review the project and writing progress, and ask the mentor for any follow-up questions. Also, request them to identify and plan their next action items

Session 8

Session Objectives

  • The mentor will plan with the student to determine the necessary course of action to enable them to submit their complete draft

  • In case the student wants to present their work in a specific journal, conference, or other platforms, the mentor will research the submission process and its requirements

Session 10

Session Objectives

  • The student submits their project and has a clear understanding of the showcasing requirements. Congratulations! on completing the project and all their diligent efforts.

  • The mentor will assist the student in reflecting on their learning journey, consider asking them the following questions: What achievement are you most proud of? What new skills have you acquired throughout the process? What is one thing you will take away from this experience and apply to your future studies?

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