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Comprehensive admissions package

We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure that no aspect of your college admissions process is left to chance. Our services cover everything from candidacy building, essays, interview prep, application review, and college selection. We help you in the completion of the application, in addition to following up with the schools and onward career advice. 


  • Thorough review of your student profile

  • Strategy for selecting and waitlisted schools

  • Complete essay service for each school

  • Full application review before submission

  • Interview preparation strategy

  • Advice on financial aid and scholarships

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Complete Essay Assistance

From brainstorming to the final draft, we help you develop an outstanding essay. We conduct an interview to identify the most suitable topics and guide you through every step to ensure you produce a compelling essay.


  • Ideal for writing the perfect essay for the Common App and dream schools

  • Suitable if you're unsure of what colleges expect and how to distinguish yourself

  • Unlimited revisions, topic modifications, and one-on-one meetings with your consultant


Experiential Learning

One of the easiest ways to ensure students are exposed to experiential learning is by incorporating off-site school trips and project-based learning into the curriculum. A comprehensive experiential learning opportunity is one of our international trips.

  • Animal and wildlife protection trips to Africa

  • Understanding climate change and its effects, South East Asia

  • Development Economics Middle East

  • Modern financial markets: New York, Shanghai & London



The Bluelion Bridge Research Program connects high school students with like-minded Ph.D. academics, entrepreneurs, MBA grads from top 5 universities, and experts who are leaders in their disciplines to provide the perfect research opportunity.

Project Design 

  • 10 one-on-one sessions with the mentor

  • Conclude with an elaborate research pages with citations with the potential to be published in a renowned journal

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Mentorship Package

Ideal for 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students. As well as for undergraduate students looking to apply to grad school, masters programs, and Ph.D. 


Our expert consultants can assist you in constructing the strongest college application profile through these years.


The Mentorship Package includes:

  • Year-round unlimited guidance building relationships with teachers and counselors

  • Thorough review of your student profile

  • Course selection

  • Development of unique strengths

  • Leveraging extracurricular activities

  • Planning for summer activities

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Devised to provide high school and college students with chances to delve into different career paths, cultivate professional competencies, collaborate with career professionals, and fortify the application.


  • Completing the program, students will have gained practical work experience, established professional relationships, and investigated potential career paths

  • Your application will gain weight as admissions officers see dedication and rigor toward your major and career interest

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