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Meet the Team
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Dian Du

Dian started her career in international education as the international program coordinator at Beijing No.4 High School International Campus. She has visited all 50 states and over 300 schools in the US. She was on the school board of a private school in Utah state and involved in private school acquisition and operation in the US. She also has experience in founding and forming private school and public school international class in China. With her rich experience in education field in both US and China, and understanding of different types of schools in both countries, she is an expert in designing individual international education roadmap for students.

In the past 10 years, she has worked with hundreds of students on admissions to K-12 schools,
boarding schools, undergraduate and graduate schools in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and HK.

As an international student herself, Dian went to high school, undergraduate and graduate school in the US. She recently graduated from Columbia University NY and London Business School MBA programs, and is an alumni of Hong Kong University Business School. She loves talking with students to help them realize their potentials and connects the students with the resources she has to help the students pursue their dreams.

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Shahrukh Malik

Shahrukh has a strong understanding of selective admissions processes and outcomes. Discovering his calling for working with students, he moved from heading a multi-national company to full-time college consulting two years ago. He has particular expertise in working with high school students seeking selective undergraduate universities, and with graduate MBA applicants.

Shahrukh was born in Montréal and has lived in the US, Canada, UK, France, China, and Thailand. As a curious and tireless traveler, he has also visited 68 countries for work and leisure. He is passionate about studying world cultures and anthropology.

He received his bachelor’s in Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Management from Johns Hopkins University. He holds two separate MBA degrees, from Columbia University NY and London Business School. He is a committed golfer, playing off a single handicap. Most importantly, Shahrukh is dedicated to his wife and two young children.

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