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Mentorship - Research Program

The Bluelion Bridge Mentoring - Research Program connects high school students with like-minded Ph.D. academics, entrepreneurs, MBA grads from top 5 universities, and experts who are leaders in their disciplines to provide the perfect research opportunity.


Students will research their areas of interest and meet one-on-one with distinguished professors. Through this program, students will write a research paper with professors that will add value to their college applications and resumes. This one-of-a-kind program will enable students to choose their appropriate career paths by helping them discover their passion and providing them with the tools to succeed.

Potential Research Fields

  1. Biotechnology

  2. Software Development Systems

  3. Psychology

  4. Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

  5. Physics and Astrophysics

  6. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

  7. Gender Inequality

  8. Machine Learning

  9. Behavioral Economics

  10. Healthcare and Medicine

  11. Economics and Business

  12. Finance and Investment

  13. Entrepreneurship 

  14. Blockchain

  15. Financial Technology 


Undertaking research projects can be a great way for high school students to stand out and showcase their abilities to college admissions committees.


Project Design 

  • 10 one-on-one sessions with the mentor

  • Conclude with 6-10 page research pages with citations with the potential to be published in a renowned journal


Expert mentors from top universities and industries

Bluelion Bridge partners with mentors displaying excellent academic credentials, teaching expertise, and a passion for motivating and helping the future leaders of the world.


We have professional mentors from the best universities around the globe. From the moment you sign up for this program, we design a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals by finding the perfect mentor. We help you gain practical and valuable experience that will kickstart your journey toward your dreams.

Why BlueLion Research?
customized plan.png

Customized Plan

  • Individualized online meetings

  • Versatile program

  • Catered to your academic interests

Professional mentorship_edited_edited.png

Professional mentorship

  • Collaborate directly with a field researcher

  • Obtain personalized critiques and guidance from an academic specialist

  • Gain exclusive insights on research positions

Publishing standard paper_edited.png

Publishing standard paper

  • Master research methodologies ahead of time

  • Produce a research paper

  • Impeccable citations and infographics

Personal projects_edited.png

Personal projects

  • Showcase your work at a seminar

  • Release your own application

  • Create a podcast

  • Author a book

  • Produce an academic paper

  • Create a presentation

Student Research Roadmap




• Potential students are motivated to apply with confidence, Bluelion Bridge will provide assistance through close communication and various tools.


Preparation for research

Initial training and preparation for sessions


• Mentors comprehend the fundamental principles of developing an accelerated approach to learning and recognize the components of a well-organized program - students are provided instructions at every step. 

• Mentors are equipped to leverage resources to assist their students.


Initial Sessions

Establishing trust and defining objectives

• Bluelion Bridge offers resources and assistance to mentors to establish a strong rapport with their students, identify their motivational factors, evaluate their preparation, and establish achievable goals.


Subsequent Sessions

Instruction, critique, and introspection


• Bluelion Bridge provides mentors with tools to assist students in gaining independence and enhancing their productivity. Mentors offer feedback on student assignments and encourage reflection on their educational progress.

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